STYLEBAR DC Hair Services

We provide all our guests with service of the highest caliber. From the warm reception you receive upon arrival, to your experience with one of our highly trained hair architects – we want your visit to be the perfect blend of comfort and luxury. It’s what we pride ourselves in and it’s what makes us the premier high-end beauty and grooming destination in the Washington D.C. Dupont Circle area.

Below you’ll find a brief methodology to some of our hair techniques:

contour cutting curl and wave

Style Bar DC has a proprietary approach to wavy and curly hair. This technique is customized for your own wave patterns. It starts at the scalp and winds through the hair following the waves of your hair like a train on rails. Philosophically, we try to “listen” to your wave pattern.

By minimizing hand tension and cutting with the contour of the wave patterns, we essentially liberate your curl to freely form the shape it should. Hair will immediately look fuller, bouncier, curlier…and less frizzy. You’ll be amazed to see how springy your curls can be after Contour Cutting.

dry cutting: finishing work first spray bottles aside

We sometimes take an unorthodox approach to cutting by styling the hair first. Quite simply, that’s how you wear it. Don’t worry- we still start you off with our luxurious shampoo.

Dry cutting allows us to see the individual growth patterns, density changes, and overall balance with your facial features, neck and shoulders. This technique also eliminates any surprises. Dry cutting will give you a personalized couture feel that is exclusive to only you.

color: richness and range

Foil, balayage, ombre…there are so many terms to describe hair color these days! Vocabulary aside, we’ll help you find the right technique to enhance your natural tonality and shine.

Your personality and lifestyle will dictate the palette for our color process. All of our formulations are created to be a unique blend for your natural complexion and color goals.

for the gents: a good beard goes a long way

A barber’s perspective can make all the difference in a good looking beard and a great one. Face shape, hair texture, thickness, and more come into play in maintaining a beard. Luckily, our barbers at Style Bar DC are well-equipped with the knowledge and know-how to make your beard look great.