Our Tips to Help Men Style Their Hair

It’s interesting how we feel and look our best the day we get our hair cuts, and then how quickly after it all seems to fall apart… until we’re back in the salon again. That’s because in order to keep our hair looking great, we have to style and maintain it well outside of the barber’s chair.

No matter what hairstyle you have, good hair care is paramount to being able to style it and to look our best. To get us started, we’ve pulled together a list of our tips to help men style their hair the right way.

Care for your scalp.

Whether you have a crew cut or a skin fade, short or long hair –it all starts at the scalp. Taking care of the skin where the hair grows from will set the hair up to be its healthiest. The same way we moisturize the rest of our skin, hydrating the skin on your scalp is a simple way to improve hair and restore its natural oils. Use an all-natural shampoo and conditioner a few times a week (no over-washing!) to get the best results.

Don't over-wash your hair.

Like we just said, no over-washing! Why does this seem counter-intuitive when clean and washed hair feels so nice and healthy? It’s likely a case of ‘too much of a good thing,’  because shampoos clean by stripping your hair of pretty much everything, including your natural oils. Shampooing every day will cause your hair to start to producing more oil, giving you a greasy look. This makes us want to start the cycle over again and it’s just bad all around — for hair health and to be able to style it well.

Wash and dry hair gently.

We unknowingly damage our hair all the time when we wash it with hot water, and then rub it hard with a towel after showering. The heat in conjunction with wet hair being more fragile is a recipe for damaging your hair. Better ways of drying freshly-showered hair are to pat dry with light pressure, or use a blow-dryer on medium/low heat.

Use a conditioner.

Men are notorious for having a minimal routine when it comes to hair. We recommend using a conditioner, and not one that’s sold as an all-in-one shampoo/conditioner, either. A true conditioner will keep hair silky and smooth and you can use it between shampooing to keep the hair quality up. Also, conditioner will help manage styling the hair, as well, as it will fall and lie in place much better.

Try messy styles if hair styling is a challenge.

Some of the most stylish hair trends are surfer-style or a “fresh out of the bed” look. There are products out there that can help you achieve these looks with minimal effort, such as dry-shampoo, or sea salt powders. Just apply the product and toss the hair around a bit, and bam.. instantly you have an easily-achieved messy look without actually looking lazy.

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