Our Tips to Style Natural Hair in Seven Minutes

Washing and styling natural hair can be a daunting task if not prepared. We’re sharing our tips to style natural hair in seven minutes or less, so if you’ve ever felt that feeling–start here. We’ll help you figure out what can work the best in the least amount of time.

Just for the record, these tips really apply only to people with hair past the short afro stage. So, if this applies to you, read on to get a super stylish hair style in under seven minutes.

1. Style your hair the night before

While this may seem like the most obvious tip, how often do we actually do it? It’s all too common to consider doing it, only to in practice end up saying “I can just do it in the morning.” If you actually do it the night before, you’ll save all kinds of time in the morning, but also it can keep your hair from getting tangled in bed from tossing and turning. The key is wrapping it up in a scarf– that way, you’ll only need to worry about the edges in the morning.

2. Try curlformers

Curlformers are not only easy to install, but they’re perfect for getting curls in your hair by stretching out natural hairs without applying heat at all. This will keep hair much healthier, while providing curls and volume.

3. Just wash and go

The ultimate way to save time styling. Literally, you just wet the hair, put some of your favorite product in, and head out the door. We realize this isn’t the most practical method there is, especially if it’s cold outside, but in a pinch, it can work well. And there are tons of youtube tutorials on how to do this well!

4. Wear a ponytail

It’s no surprise that a ponytail would make the list, when it’s always been a staple go-to easy hair style. The great thing about ponytails is the versatility– you can wear it high or low, loose or highly-structured. Of course, the more sleek and refined your ponytail, the more time and patience it will require, which starts to deviate away from our tips of cutting time styling your hair– but again, sectioning out hair the night before can help you pull off a better ponytail without taking too much of your time in the morning. Don’t forget, an extension can be an easy way to enhance a ponytail, too.

5. Go wild with leave-in conditioner

One reason why natural and curly hair can seem unmanageable, especially in the morning or when we’re rushing, is because of how dry it is. The solution? Adding a little leave-in conditioner. These are awesome because they are lighter than standard conditioners, yet they are still really good at keeping your tresses soft and moisturized.

6. Add hats and scarves to your look

This tip can easily be overlooked when we’re thinking about what to do with our hair style. But when you’re in a rush, what’s easier than just covering up the hair you don’t have time to deal with? And if it’s appropriate for the occasion, a hat or a scarf can be a beautiful addition to a great look.

7. Fall into some youtube rabbit-holes

There is such a wealth of knowledge at our disposal on youtube that it’s staggering. If you have the time, you can really find and learn so much about styles you’ve never tried, or new ways to do things you already do. We have a few great picks of places to start here, here, here, here and here

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