6 Spring Hair Trends on the Rise

This year, spring hair trends are as fresh as ever– with surprising variety! We’ll be seeing a mix of choppy, feathered, blunt, layered and luxe hairstyles. There are also short styles, long styles and mid-length styles that can all be worn in a variety of ways. There’s texture, there’s volume: there’s attitude.

1. Super-luxe hair

“Perfectly conditioned, heaps of body and shine, blow-dried to perfection and oozing glamour. The hair moves freely and has a youthful bounce. It’s super luxurious-looking and works on all hair colours and haircuts longer than chin length,” says leading hairstylist and Evo international creative director Tom Smith when speaking to stylist.co.uk

2. Minimalist hair

“Finally, a trend for those with fine or thin hair! This trend is all about loose, unstructured hair with thinner, textured ends and a sleek, less-is-more finish. It works best with a sharp parting and subtle, fine woven high or lowlights. It is also known as ‘barely there hair’.”

3. The bang-bob

“The bang bob is a progression of the French bob but with more focus on the fringe/bang area. It can be worn sleek or with natural texture. The layers are kept to a minimum and a sharp right angle connects the fringe and bob length. The shorter the fringe, the bolder the result.”

4. The mixie

“The mixie is all about layers, fusing a mullet and a pixie cut. It’s a trend that has been swirling for a while but springtime will see it reach its peak as more people begin to feel comfortable wearing this more alternative style.”

5. Textured twists

“Braids, locks, dreads and twists combine in a super-long length to create textured locks of hair. These can be super long or super thick, left loose and down or partially secured up on top of the head.”

6. Botox hair

“This style can work on any hair length longer than the chin and involves sweeping all the hair up into an extremely tight bun that sits on the crown of your head. The hair must be combed back and up tightly in a line that is a continuation of the cheekbones giving the ‘snatched’ (or botoxed) look for this sleek, sharp style,” Smith said.

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